• build architectural scale visualization tools and applications that span multiple surfaces

  • synchronize distributed rendering across machine, OS, and room boundaries

  • integrate multiple heterogeneous data sets and parallel running legacy applications

  • create scalable multi-user collaborative environments

  • design intuitive three-dimensional interfaces

  • incorporate input from multiple devices of varying types

Technical Specs

Core Platform

  • All scene graph objects have real world positioning, sizing and orientations

  • Flexible and extensible data types that are application, language, OS and hardware independent

  • Math and geometry libraries for spatial computing with convenient abstractions

  • Built-in memory management system

  • Device agnostic event library

  • Extensive logging and introspection facilities

  • Available on Ubuntu and Mac OS X

  • Flexible TCP library for multi-machine, multi-process, and intra-process communication

  • Easy to use API for sending and receiving messages

  • Supports buffering, rewinding, scanning, and streaming messages

  • Supports TLS encryption

  • Bonjour/Avahi discoverability support

  • Available on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android

  • Bindings available in Ruby, Python, Java, and Javascript

Networking and Cross-Application Support

Graphics and Media Support

  • OpenGL graphics library

  • Flexible API for writing custom OpenGL

  • Built-in PNG, TIFF, and JPEG image support

  • Video/Audio support using gstreamer

  • Embedded browser support using Chromium Embedded Framework

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